1. What is Visual IM?
Visual IM (VIM) is a browser extension that enhances your Facebook chat experience. With VIM you can use any image available on the web within your private chat window. That's right, any image - your favorite artist, TV series, band, restaurant, place, etc. etc.

2. How is this better than emoticons?
VIM is so much more than emoticons! As you chat you can easily turn your words into lively exciting images - any images - not merely your good old smileys - but anything you can imagine.

3. How does VIM work?
After you've installed VIM, choose the VIM mode to do your talking with pictures. When in VIM mode, each word you type brings up a group of images that match the word you type. Then simply choose your favorite image and it will replace the word you typed.

4. Can I use the regular FB chat in parallel?
Sure! You can switch between words-only chat and VIM at any time.

5. How can my chat friends see the VIM images?
If the friends you chat with do not have VIM yet, once you send them a VIM message on FB, they'll get a link to a download page and will be able to view your message after installing VIM.

6. Any tips on using VIM?
We're glad you asked! Here are some things you need to know: